The Instructor of Aerial Combat Wizard Candidates : Volume 13
Kana 空戦魔導士候補生の教官13
Romaji Kūsen Madōshi Kōhosei no Kyōkan 13
Date July 20, 2017
ISBN ISBN 978-4-04-0723808
Pages 262
Cover Character Kanata Age
Misora Whitale
Alternate Cover Character Misora Whitale
Previous Volume 12
Next Volume 14

  Volume 13 of The Instructor of Aerial Combat Wizard Candidates written by Yū Moroboshi and illustrated by Mikihiro Amami was released on July 20, 2017.

Cover PageEdit


The final battle against the Beetles happens in the "Gate". The mission is to capture it and stop the beetle's final invasion. The people going to the final battle are Squad E601, Chloe, Leyseritt, Aria and Emily.

During the battle, Kanata and Zeth begin a one-on-one duel, while the girls try to stop the beetles. Each one of them shined in their battle, and Misora confessed her feelings to Kanata. Then, she gets injured. Kanata powers up and orders them to retreat. He continues to fight Zeth and he wins. But, the Gate traps him and sends out a light that begins to cover the entire world. Kanata looks at/observes his students, smiles and then everything in front of him disappears with that light.

A timeskip happens. Half a year has passed. Chloe and Lloyd receive a document. It was from Kanata. It is then revealed that they do not remember him.

After the final battle, Leyseritt, Aria and Emily were admitted as students in Mistgun. Squad E601 were nominated to be promoted to the Royal Guard. They unanimously refused, but at the beginning of the year they got promoted to C601. During those six months, the squad didn't have an instructor.

After that, during the first classification battle, the girls win their first fight. A person with dark hair was observing their fight. They do not recognize him and think he was a weird guy. That guy was Kanata.

Later on, Kanata was reading some documents and he meets Chloe. She asks him if he's lost. She still does not remember him. With this, Kanata now is sure that everyone has forgotten about him. He's sad because even his childhood friend didn't recognize him, and he explains about the papers he was holding. It was a letter of recommendation.

At the end of the volume, Squad C601 were wondering amongst themselves about their new instructor. They notice the same weird guy from before entering the class. He introduces himself and says "I'm Kanata Age".

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