Socié Whitale
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Japanese ソシ ウィタル
Rōmaji Soshi Hoittotēru
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Status Deceased
Relatives, etc. Gale Whitale (Husband)
Misora Whitale (Daughter)
Eye Red
Hair Radical Red
Affiliation Guardians (Sky Wizard)
Anime debut Episode 4
Manga debut Unknown
Light Novel debut Volume 1
Japanese voice Rina Satō
English voice Morgan Garrett

Socié Whitale (ソシ ウィタル Soshi Hoittotēru) is the deceased mother of Misora Whitale. She was one of the strongest Magic Cannon Sword users.


Socié has red eyes and long radical red hair that reaches down to the small of her back and fairly pink skin. As a wizard she wears a white shirt that leaves the underside of her breasts exposed along with a pink corset, purple jacket and white shirt. At home she wears a simple orange dress with yellow shawl. (Note: Please edit this if something is wrong because I'm not good with describing clothes and colors.)


Socié has a very cheerful and loving personality. She loves her family very much especially Misora. She also is very responsible in terms of protecting the people and didn't think twice when she had to be called suddenly for battle despite it cutting her time with her family short but will also break rules, like to take her daughter flying at night without permission. She is rather silly and clumsy at home and cannot do simple household work.


Socié lived with her husband Gale and daughter Misora in the floating city 'Iris' in a café called 'Little Wing'. She was the strongest Sky Wizard of Iris, able to take out multiple enemies at once and single-handedly. The citizens of Iris loved her and always thanked her for protecting them and the city. Due to her being a Wizard, she wasn't able to spend much time with her family but she always treasured the seldom moments she got with them. She taught Misora the importance of protecting people as a Sky Wizard.

She was killed in a battle against the Armored Beetles when Misora was still young. Since she was a Wizard, only the wizards (like Misora) remembered her after her death and the Naturals (like her husband) forgot everything about her. Her sword was passed onto her daughter and from then onwards Misora wanted to become as strong as her mother with the sword so that it might help some people recover the memories of her mother. Socié was buried in the Hills of Hope, the final resting ground of Sky Wizards.


Socié is the driving force behind Misora. Misora wants to become stronger and wants to recover the lost memories of her mother. Even when Kanata tells her to abandon the Magic Cannon Sword for a new weapon, she refuses and tells him that her mother provides her with strength and that the Magic Cannon Sword is her mother's will to help and protect the people. Seeing her resolve, Kanata tells Misora to vow on her mother's grave, to become stronger than Socié and to continue protecting everyone.

Weapon and AbilitiesEdit

  • Magical Cannon Sword, Radgrid - A sword which is also able to shoot magical laser beams by charging up and consuming the wielders magical reserves. Socié was the original owner of the white magical sword. She was also able use the powerful move, 'Strike Blaster' a one-hit kill attack that was able to wipe out many enemies at once without any fatigue or stress on her magical reserves. The sword was passed down to Misora after her death.


  • Her favorite food was steak.
  • She is very bad with household work, like flooding the house by messing up the washing machine or using magic in the house just to clean the trash resulting in a hole in the wall.
  • Kanata's abilities are very similar to her. She, just like Kanata was the strongest Magical Cannon Sword user.