Kanata Age Edit

They were on good terms but after he became a 'traitor' they are on bad terms. Freon was unhappy when Kanata was chosen as E601's instructor and has tried to find a reason to disband E601 and fire him. Kanata, on the other hand, is not concerned with what she thinks of him.

Rico FlamelEdit

Freon is the elder sister of Rico. Rico used to look up to her but when she became Leader of the Sky Wizards Division, Rico started to consider her a wall to surpass. Freon, on the other hand, wants to disband Rico's team. But it is also shown that Freon misses her and is concerned about her sister as she usually asks Chloe about E601's performance, will try to wake Rico when she sleeps in late and after the E601 win the tournament, she later, in her office stares while smiling at a picture of a younger Freon and younger Rico holding onto one another.


Freon and the S128 members: Chloe, Lloyd and Yuri are good friends. Freon trusts Chloe judgment as even though she herself doesn't trust Kanata she appointed him as E601's instructor on Chloe's request. Yuri and Freon have similar personalities with both being practical and strict.