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Japanese エーミー マストゥング (Amie)
ビアク チェブロレット (Beach)
コエラ ビパー (Coela)
Rōmaji Eimi Masutungu (Amie)
Biaku Cheburoretto (Beach)
Shira Bipaa (Coela)
Personal Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Eye Pink (Amie)
Brown (Beach)
Green (Coela)
Hair Pink (Amie)
Brown (Beach)
Green (Coela)
Anime debut Episode 1
Light Novel debut Volume 1
Japanese voice Chika Anzai (Amie)
Yuko Hara (Beach)
Nichika Omori (Coela)
English voice Lynsey Hale (Amie)
Kristen McGuire (Beach)
Michelle Rojas (Coela)

E571 is a E-ranked Fireteam that consists of three girls - Amie Mustung, Beach Chevrolet and Coela Viper.


Amie has pink eyes and pink hair that end just above her shoulders and wears two Chinese ribbons on her head. Beach has brown eyes and brown short hair. Coela has green eyes and long green hair that she ties in twin ponytails. As students, they wear the normal prep course uniform blue and white shirt with dark blue skirt and a red tie. As wizards, Amie wears a pink dress with a magenta corset over it and white gloves, Beach wears a blue dress with magenta colored tights and Coela wears a yellow kimono-style dress with two brown belts, one below her chest and the other on her waist. (Note: Please edit this if something is wrong because I'm not good with describing clothes and colors.)


The E571 fireteam was the one that that pointed out E601's room to Kanata Age. They were the opponents of the E601 team but their match was interrupted by the arrival of the Armored Beetles. They were the ones to defeat the Chimera Deneb. After the battle had ended, they were easily able to defeat E601.

They were also the first opponent of E601 during the Mistgun Tournament but this time they were defeated by E601. Seeing the E601 beating everyone and reach the finals, they started to respect them and were the only ones who supported and cheered for them in the finals.

The E571, even though they were the only one who supported the E601, were still shocked when the E601 win the Tournament. But before they could get over their shock, Real Nua attacks the arena. As the panic rises, the officials tell everyone to evacuate the arena and the E571 also manage to leave the arena, unharmed.

After everything settles down, they are discussing about the attack. But the actual complete truth is kept hidden from the people of Mistgun and they are instead told that the culprit of the attack was a student of the medical wing who, driven by stress, set up a bomb in the Sky Arena.


  • Amie uses a white powerful gauntlet.
  • Beach uses a large black axe.
  • Coela uses black twin handguns.


  • The first letter of their given name form the English alphabets - A B C.
  • Their family names are names of famous cars - Ford Mustang, Dodge Viper and Chevrolet.
  • Each of them has the same hair color as their eye color.