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Blair Eisenach
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Blair Eisenach
Japanese ブレア・アイゼナッハ
Rōmaji Burea Aizenahha
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 14
Status Alive
Relatives, etc. Albert Eisenach (Ancestor)
Aria Eisenach (Younger Sister)
Lecty Eisenach (Cousin)
Eye Gray
Hair Silver
School Mistgun
Light Novel debut Volume 3

Blair Eisenbach is a 2nd year student of the Sky wizards division preparatory and was previously from Merukia, another floating city. After losing to Lecty and persuasion from Kanata, she transfers to Mistgun and becomes a student and member of the E601 squad.


Blair looks a little like both Lecty Eisenach and Christina Balcuhorn. She has silver hair and grey eyes and wears the standard Sky Wizards prep course dress.


Blair has a great amount of hate in her for Lecty and wants to avenge her sister.


Blair is one of the pupils in the Eisenach dual swordsmanship school along with her younger sister, Aria, and was good friend with Lecty. One day, Aria was paired with Lecty and was badly injured after covering for Lecty's anxiety issue which caused an accident in their training. Due to the injury Aria received she became unable to wield her swords properly again, Blair then opted to replace Aria in being exiled from Oakis and moved to Merukia. Following that incident, Blair becomes hateful of Lecty, blaming her for Aria's injury.


Blair is first seen after a joint festival and tournament of her city and Mistgun. During the tournament, Blair encountered Lecty again and desired to seek revenge on Lecty for her sister's injury during their training period.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

  • Being an Eisenach, she is talented in using twin swords but unlike Lecty, her sword is purple in color.